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When selecting natural stone such as marble for your floors or granite for your countertops, there is a good chance the chosen material could be more than hundreds of million years old, Since ancient times, marble, granite and natural stone were the only materials used in the construction and decoration of monuments and architectures preserving their historical significance.

In ancient times, Ancient Greeks learned stonework from the Egyptians. They located marble quarries in the Mediterranean islands and used marble to build the Temple of Artemis. Furthermore, the deep admiration for the Greek Empire prompted the Roman Engineers to copy their stone pathways where the use of sandstone was incorporated in the building of imperial structures.

During the Age of Ancient Egyptians, the granite was extracted from upper Egypt and used in the construction of buildings as well as temples. The amazing stonework of Ancient Egypt which has also been considered as one of the wonders of the world are the Great Pyramids of Giza, which were once covered in smooth limestone. However, this stone lacked the modern sealing solutions that now allow us to keep countertops and floors looking shiny and new, such as the regular use of a specially formulated sealer.

Nature is the perfect and permanent solution. Since ancient times, quarrying marble, granite and natural stone was the only materials used in construction and decoration of monuments and Architectures preserving their historical beautiful significance . The greatest wonders of the world since pharaoh , Greek and Roman umpires incorporated marble, granite and natural stone in building their imperial structures and temples.

Geomarnite on its pathway built its experience since 1991 . Help you to be a part of wenatural stone marble for your flooring , granite for your countertop , you choose material has been made through a process of hundreds of millions of years.